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Title: 2020/8/22 14:30:34
I asked for extra hot food. Not even close.
Title: 2020/12/22 15:23:19
this is my favorite Chinese restaurant. Some of my favorites are crab rangons, orange chicken, won ton soup, and chicken with snow peas. always delivered hot and delicious.
Title: 2019/4/22 13:32:11
I ordered lunch today and was not happy with the taste or quality of my food. I ordered 2 meals to be ready at a certain time and the staff only had one meal ready for pickup. Once i got back to work and opened the meals, i immediately noticed that the "lo mein" noodles I ordered were PLAIN boiled noodles. no sauce or seasoning. just pasta that had been boiled. I also ordered the lunch special which had a disgusting gelatinous coating on the chicken and veggies. I am very disappointed and would like my money back. Not going back to this place!
Title: 2019/3/20 4:19:29
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Title: 2018/9/14 10:52:24
I ordered the Vegetable fried rice, very delicious and sumptuous, but I would like this establishment to, at least reveal an approximate value of the calories content of their menu. Thank you.
Title: 2018/5/1 15:20:04
Nice food and nice staff, I am enjoy it
Title: 2018/3/4 11:11:57
So i ordered teriyaki beef and i didn't get the teriyaki sauce, and all the food was cool!!!!!! Called about it and asked if i could get a fresh meal instead of cool food and the right order! She said no! Unacceptable!!!
Title: 2018/1/26 10:00:02
Hello Yute. I am Chip, new owner of Money Mailer advertising locally. Did you have time to talk about your business next week after the first?
Title: 2018/1/21 8:13:50
Hello I ordered a pretty big order around 40$ and I ate my leftovers today I was disgusted to find that I bite into a egg roll that had a big HUNK OF PLASTIC in the middle of it. I really hope this isn't a standard mistake because I want to order more but I can't risk my health if mistakes like this was common.
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